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Aleksandra Jakimowicz
January 31st, 2020 · 1 min read


We have decided to start blogging because we believe we have a lot to contribute to tech and startup scene. We want to build a place where we share our experiences, answer your questions and give useful advice.

We believe that our most valued resource is the collective experience in many fields, ranging from deep tech, through business and management, to startups, everyday problems in workspace and tips on how to move your business forward.

This blog is run by people who, just like you, started from different places. We all agreed that we want to build a community of ambitious people supporting each other by asking and answering.

If you’re new to the tech world and want to expand your knowledge, learn the ropes or just test the waters, our blog will be a great place to do so. We’ll do our best to guide you like Gandalf through Middle Earth, sort of 🙂 And if you’re an advanced reader, we hope to provide you with a good, morning coffee read.

Our first three posts are going to elaborate on the following topics:

  • Should you outsource your software development in 2020, where we go over challenges of outsourcing your technology to software companies.

  • Working with software agencies, a summary of steps necessary for your technical project to succeed.

  • Gatsby vs Wordpress, a guide to building websites in the modern world.

We will greatly appreciate your feedback regarding your content preferences and the quality of our posts. And if you want to learn about a specific subject please share your input on our social media – Facebook / Linkedin / Instagram, in the end it’s you we’re doing this for.

Now that we’ve reached the end of this little introduction, we want to cut the invisible red bow and invite you to dive into our first Blazity Blog Post

You shall pass!

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