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Choosing the best coworking spaces in Warsaw

Aleksandra Jakimowicz
March 13th, 2020 · 8 min read

Freelancers, tech entrepreneurs, artists, digital nomads, students, and many others flock to the capital city of Poland each year.

Before the WeWork revolution, there weren’t many places where you could sit down, grab your laptop and start working, other than coffee shops and your own home.

And then even the coffee shops started overflowing with people who came there to work, rather than drink coffee. New generation of freelancers and entrepreneurs created a market niche, which quickly caused an increase in coworking spaces. Warsaw had to meet the demand, right?

What is a co-work?

Coworking spaces (or co-works) are open, semi-formal workplaces integrating the benefits of cafés, member clubs and company offices. To enjoy this modern way of working, you have to pay a membership fee, which will depend on your needs.

How does it work?

You can usually book a desk (or so-called hot-desk), a mini office or a regular office. There are various rent models - from monthly to daily. Oftentimes you can also reserve a conference room if you need it. Some of the buildings have 24/h access and plenty of amenities.

Dedicated desks and hot desks

You can rent a working desk as you would rent an office. Dedicated desk is assigned only to you, so you can leave your things as they are and continue working the next day.

Hot desks, on the other hand, are a great solution for people who need a desk from time to time only. If you are traveling or working on a remote project, a hot desk is a great idea - you can just walk in and sit at any of the available hot desks in the office. However, once you leave the office, your desk is up for grabs and someone else can use it.

Mini office vs. a regular office

Mini office is a single office dedicated to one or two people. You get your own, separated space and it’s a great idea if you need privacy while working. Coworking spaces often allow renting a regular office, so they can become a new command center for your whole company.

What are the benefits?

Luxury of renting a coworking space is certainly more costly than working from home. Depending on your needs you can get a hot desk for as little as 490 PLN per month.

You get great value for your money from the fact that these spaces are something more than just a desk and a chair. They are hubs for innovation and networking. You get to meet many ambitious people with whom you may exchange inspiring ideas, and who can even become your cofounders or coworkers!

And, if you’re like me and your surroundings make a huge difference when it comes to staying focused and getting your work done - coworking spaces are just for you.

Which one to choose?

Choosing the best coworking space can be really overwhelming. And it’s very important too - at the end of the day, you’re paying for the best possible work environment.

We’ve prepared a list of five coworking spaces in Warsaw, which we believe are going to be a solid pick for 2020. This list includes pricing (note: some of these prices do not include VAT!), the plans you can choose from, amenities and some additional information if relevant. (BTW it’s not a sponsored article, we are basing opinions on our own experiences)

Without further ado, let’s see which one will be your perfect match!


Location: al. Jerozolimskie 93, 02-001 Warszawa

Hub Hub

Located nearby Warsaw Central railway station, Hub Hub is a modern coworking space with a hip interior design.

You can choose from a variety of spaces and configurations. There are two variants of a dedicated desk - Flexible, which allows you to choose from different desks or Fix, meaning you have one reserved for you and only you. The second one comes with 24/7 access and 8 hours per month of access to the meeting rooms. Hub Hub offers private office spaces for enterprises as well.

Before committing to a monthly plan, you can start with a one day plan. It costs 110 PLN and includes a Flexible type desk with its benefits. Flexible desk costs 500 PLN a month and holds the same benefits plus booking of a meeting room for up to 10 people for up to 4h.

If you want a private office space you will have to pay 1120 PLN monthly per person. This price gets you 24/7 access, your own workspace and access to meeting rooms (12 hours/month per user) as well as all the other benefits.

One day

Price: 110 PLN

Benefits Included: flexible type desk, mentoring and consultation, events and workshops exclusively for members, relax and games area, drinks and snacks, bicycle parking area, fast internet, printers.

4Extras (not included): booking a meeting room for up to 10 people for more than one hour (40 PLN / h), conference room for up to 14 people (60 PLN / h), large event space (from 170 PLN / h),

Flexible Desk

Price: 500 PLN / month

Benefits Included: one day plan benefits plus booking a meeting room for up to 10 people for up to 4h

Extras (not included): place preparing fee (130 PLN), conference room for up to 14 people (55PLN / h), large event space (from 155 PLN / h), 24/7 access (130 PLN / month)


Price: 1120 PLN / month / one member

Benefits Included: one day plan benefits plus 24/7 access, your own work space and access to meeting rooms (12 hours / month per user)

Extras (not included): flexible desk extras, but large event space is from 135 PLN / h)


Location: Pałac Małachowskiego 2, 00-066 Warszawa

Solutions Rent

Solutions Rent is very well located, near the City Center and the Old Town. It’s offer is targeted towards clients looking for modern and luxurious office spaces. People who plan on inviting guests should be particularly interested in this proposition. It combines designer and comfortable outdoor space, with the prestigious neighborhood of Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Hotel Victoria, and the Royal Route.

Hot Desk costs are 800 PLN / month, Exclusive Desk is priced at 1200 PLN and private office prices start from 1800 PLN for one station a month. You can also book a conference room, which is 50 PLN an hour for a 5-seater.

Hot Desk

Price: 800 PLN / month

Exclusive Desk

Price: 1200 PLN / month

Private Office

Price: from 1800 PLN for 1 station (up to 8 stations priced 12300 PLN) / month

Conference Room

Price: from 50 PLN / h for 5-seater (up to 17-seater priced from 300 PLN / h)

Benefits for every member:

fast internet, printers, micro-roasted coffee, 24/7 building access, private phone booths, bike storage, fresh fruit water, office supplies, mail & package handling, monthly subscription

Brain Embassy

Location: There are four! (Aleje Jerozolimskie 181B, Postępu 17, Konstruktorska 11, Rzymowskiego 53)

Brain Embassy

Large and very modern. Brain Embassy offers a variety of coworking spaces, as you can choose from four different locations. Each working station has natural light access. Inside it’s modern, energetic with a hint of funky. At Brain Embassy, they believe in activity-based working, therefore you’re offered various purpose spaces for meditation or relaxation, creativity, standing work stands and others. There are four different plans available.

Be Together Basic costs 300 PLN a month and includes access to open spaces 4 times a month from 9 am to 5 pm and other benefits. It doesn’t include a dedicated desk, but you are free to use any of the available space.

The Be Together plan costs 700 PLN a month and gives you 24/7 access to open spaces and other benefits such as company address registration. However, if you need a dedicated desk or a place for bicycles - you will have to pay separately.

Be Involved includes everything in the Be Together plan as well as a dedicated desk, pricing is individual. If you need a personal space we recommend Be Yourself with a private unit, access to open spaces 24/7, 5 credits and all the other benefits. This plan costs 1250 PLN a month per person.

Be Together Basic

Price: 300 PLN / month

Benefits Included: access to open spaces 4 times a month from 9 am to 5 pm, access to basic community building events (breakfasts, lunches, networking sessions), fast internet, access to a fully equipped kitchen (water, coffee, tea)

Extras (not included): access to meeting rooms (25 PLN / h = 0.5 credit)

Be Together

Price: 700 PLN / month

Benefits Included: access to open spaces: 24/7, access to the development program and all events, access to meeting rooms, 2 credits, (25 PLN / h = 0.5 credit), company address registration, fast internet, access to a fully equipped kitchen (water, coffee, tea), printer with scanner

Extras (not included): Dedicated desk (500 PLN), parking place (200 PLN), place for bicycles (30 PLN)

Be Involved

Price: Individual pricing

Benefits Included: Be Together plan benefits, but 10 credits included plus private office.

Extras (not included): parking place (200 PLN), place for bicycles (30 PLN)

Be Yourself

Price:1250PLN / month / person)

Benefits Included: Private unit, access to open spaces 24/7, access to the development program and all events, access to meeting rooms, 5 credits (25 PLN / h = 0.5 credit), fast internet, fully equipped kitchen (water, coffee, tea), printer with scanner

Extras (not included): parking place (200 PLN), place for bicycles (30 PLN)


Location: Koszykowa 61, Warszawa 00-667


This coworking space is located in the restored Hala Koszyki, a place for over a dozen restaurants and a well-known meeting spot, in the very center of the city. Warsaw is one of the 28 Mindspace’s locations in Europe and the US. They partnered up with tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft and offer private offices as well as shared workspaces, conference rooms, private telephone boxes, kitchen and gym access, and many other.

If you travel a lot then as a member you can work from London, Berlin, Tel Aviv or any other Mindspace branches worldwide. Space decor in Warsaw’s Mindspace relates to the industrial character of the Hala Koszyki and the local culture.

Prices start from 840 PLN a month for an open space desk and 1260 PLN a month for a dedicated desk. When it comes to offices it starts at 1674 PLN a month per person, but the price varies depending on the number of people.

Each open space membership includes its own workplace, hours in conference rooms, fast internet, printing and scanning, 24-hour access and much more. There are also amenities such as a kitchen with free coffee and tea, a skype room, personal lockers, phone booths and event spaces for rent. For detailed information and pricing, you should contact Mindspace personally.

Open Space Desk for 1

Price: 840 PLN / month

Dedicated Desk for 1

Price: 1260 PLN / month

Closed Office for 2

Price: 3400 PLN / month

Closed Office for 10

Price: 17357 PLN / month

Benefits for every member:

Access 24/7, fast internet, event space, a vending machine with drinks, full equipment, café, monthly subscriptions, media, private phone booths, members-only events and other.


Location: al. Solidarności 53, 03-402 Warszawa


Mainly targeted to freelancers and artists, as the building is located in the artistic district of Prague in Warsaw and the interior design itself is dominated by neon photos and artistic elements. This relatively small space (100 m2) offers single desks, mini offices, private regular offices, chillout zones and a fully equipped kitchen. You can also take a break and grab a book or a business magazine as all members have access to a mini-library. Don’t worry about leaving your laptop or other important things - you get a locker and your personal key.

How much does it cost? Single desks have three different plans. You can either book a full monthly plan for 490 PLN or chosen days in a week - 2 for 300 PLN/ month and 3 for 400 PLN/ month.

Micro (mini) office for 1-2 persons or 2-3 persons. The first one costs 1000 PLN a month and the second one is 1200 PLN a month. You can also rent a dedicated office with or without a balcony.

Office without the balcony is intended for 4-6 people and is equipped with a sofa, desks, armchairs, and wiring for 6 workstations.

The second one is slightly bigger and can accommodate 5-7 people. It also has a separate “CEO section” by the window and is equipped with deep desks, ergonomic armchairs and wiring for 7 workstations.

If you need a conference room it’s available too, but at a different address (Koneser at Ząbkowska street). It fits 20 people and comes with a projector and coffee for the attendees.

Single Desk

Price for 2 days a week: 300 PLN / month, 3 days a week: 400 PLN / month, full time: 490 PLN / month

Micro office

Price for 1-2 people size: 1000 PLN / month, 2-3 people size: 1200 PLN / month

Dedicated office

Price for up to 5 people: 2200 PLN / month, up to 7 people (balcony): 2900 PLN / month

Conference room

Price: 70 PLN / 1 hour, 250 PLN / 4 hours, 450 PLN / whole day

Additional costs:

virtual address (199 PLN / month)

If you found your coworking office and your company is ready to start building the product, don’t hesitate to contact us for all the software needs 🙂

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